Is that a miniature tree?  I don’t know.  Maybe that is a giant flower?  Do you see the Cheshire Cat?  Maybe there is an army of cards or the Queen of Hearts is around the corner.  So, do I need to take the red pill or the blue?  Is this all real, or really all?  Do you ever sit around and question why?  Why do we drive on the right side, or is it the left?  Why is green, green–or is it blue to me?

I think the world has lost a very important thing.  Critical thinking.  I am beginning to think my generation was the turning point.  We have been spoon fed everything through the television, internet, etc.

Can you say flash backs to Alice in Wonderland or The Matrix?  Why?  Why did Robert Frost write “The Road not Taken”?  What does it mean?  What is the meaning behind Charles Dickens Oliver Twist?  It is amazing how there can be so many different meanings in classics, but there is nothing in most of what is written today?  Or is it just going to take several hundred years to understand what is being written?  Sometimes I think the word just mean what is written.  In a former life, I wrote poetry.  I shared one with a college professor once and they tried to dig for meaning in it.  But, as the artist I thought “it is what it is”.  Now I am not so sure.

Don’t take anything at face value.  Ask why.


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