I don’t know about you, but I take my camera everywhere.  Well maybe not to the bathroom.  However, I have it with me all the time.  I have had too many times when I said “I just wish I had my camera because that would make a great photo”.  So I have made it a point to eliminate that statement.  But, that has led to another problem altogether…Composition.  I routinely see fabulous sunsets (not sunrises because I can’t seem to get my wife up early so any sunrise is an event dedicated to just my photography) but most of the time, I find that I am not in a very conducive setting for a photo.  I usually am in a parking lot, along side the road, leaving a restaurant or traveling somewhere.  I seem to have trouble getting a good setting and then I get in the car and drive around like a mad man looking for the perfect setting while the sun is going down.  Today’s photo is one of those experiences.  How do you handle this?

Today’s Photo:  White Top

I went to eat with my family the other day.  When we left the restaurant, I noticed a beautiful sunset in the works.  Of course, I grabbed my camera and began the sunburst pattern (walking toward an object then away and repeat until the right angle is located.  Usually taking photos all during the process).  However, I found myself in the parking lot of a strip mall with tons of lamp posts and cars in the way.  I finally settled on what I thought would be a good shot.  I just loved the top edge of the thunderhead being a brilliant white where the sun hit it and then seeing the shadow lines cast through the air.  Click on the photo to see it in Flickr and then select the large size to see the detail at the top of the cloud.  I just loved it.

White Top

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