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Today’s Photo: Support

I saw these old bridge pilings when I was driving around on July 3rd trying to decide where to take firework photo.  If you missed them, you can find one of my lightning and fireworks or just check out my fireworks gallery at Flickr.  So, I was driving around and decided to see if I could find something worth while for a few shots.  I knew of Cooper’s Furnacejust below the dam at Lake Allatoona and had seen several buildings which I thought would make good subjects.  However, as I pulled onto the road to Cooper’s Furnace, these bridge pilings caught my attention.  This was a very unusually clear day for the river and the reflections were great.

More Astrophotography Experiences

After getting the short two hour Astrophotography session right, I decided to do one a little longer.  I set the camera up for an infinite number of shots with the expectation of getting around 1000 before the battery ran out.  I was a little off, after it was finished, I ended up with 925 over an 8 1/2 hour time span.  The sad thing is, this will only get about 38.5 seconds of video.

I have a 32 gig SD card and can take around 1400 photos.  However, I have been looking for some type of external battery pack for the Nikon D90.  I know that there has to be something because there is a 4 pin DC jack.  If anyone knows of something for sale, or a DIY kit, leave a comment.  I am always looking for cool gear.


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2 Responses to Support / More Astrophotography Experiences

  1. Tim Stanley says:

    If you don’t already have it, Nikon makes a battery grip that would double your battery life…

    • Tim, I do have a battery grip. What I am looking for is and external battery that pugs into the DC connector port for extended shooting. I know Nikon makes and AC to DC power plug so you can pug into a wall plug. However, I want to go back to the top of Blood Mountain and get a good long time lapse and last time I checked, there were no outlets there. I would even be happy with a DIY solution.

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