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Today’s Photo:  Ominous

It always amazes me how much a scene changes within the two hours around sunset or sunrise.  There is so much happening so fast.  I try to make sure that, when I get wherever I am going, I have researched all that I can and plan.  I use The Photographers Ephemerise on the computer and LightTrac on the iPhone to help with sun angles before leaving the house and then again once I get to the scene.  Once at the location, I think my way through what I want each shot to look like.  But like any plan, once you go to implement it, it falls apart.

The funny thing is, this was not one of those planed shots.  I ran across this building in Chattanooga, Tennessee and count not pass it up.  I was able to get a shot from one side of the building and then about 30 Minutes later the other side.  The changing conditions made the mood completely different in each shot.

This was the shot from earlier in the evening of the Building Reflections.

Google Chrome

I know I am a little late to the game here, but I just started using Google Chrome again as my primary browser.  I had tried Chrome as soon as it came out, but was not pleased with it then.  Not to mention, I think Google knows too much anyway.  I was using Firefox, but I can’t seem to get the extensions working reliably anymore and it is slower for me than it used to be.  I have been exploring all the apps and extensions in the web store.  There is so much more and it is so much cooler than before.

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One Response to Ominous / Google Chrome

  1. Tim Stanley says:

    The sky is really cool in this shot. Nice. I too have started using Chrome as my primary browser. Firefox has slowed down and crashes from time to time too. Chrome is much faster.

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