Monopoly Money Bags

Today’s Photo:  Monopoly Money Bags

I grew up in the age of Monopoly.  It was nothing for a family to sit down and play and entire game of monopoly.  Now for those who haven’t played a game of monopoly to the end, it can take forever.  I have spent hours and hours before battling back and forth across the board.  Now, it is hard enough for me to find time to just get down in the floor and let my children climb all over me.

Imagine my fascination when I ran across this statue.  It sits in front of one wing of the Hunter museum which is in the art district of Chattanooga Tennessee.  This had to have been thought up by someone from my generation or the one before.  I don’t think younger people remember enough monopoly to get the humor in this.

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One Response to Monopoly Money Bags

  1. Kris Koeller says:

    That’s great. I grew up playing Monopoly, but the games would go on for hours so I’m sure we were doing something incorrectly. Good times.

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