From the monthly archives: "April 2012"

National Astronomy Day

Today’s Photo:  National Astronomy Day

Saturday April 28 was national astronomy day this year.  I was fortunate enough to take the kids to the Tellus Museum.  We knew there were events all day long including getting to look through the large telescope located at the observatory on the grounds of the museum.  All I can say is, OH WOW!  We waited in the line to get to the observatory and finally made it to the top.  It was our turn and there was no mistaking when the kids first saw Saturn through the eye piece.  What an impressive event and time.  Thank you Tellus for putting on such a great program.  I left the camera in the car so that I could spend some quality time with the family.  We got done just as they closed, but I was able to get back with the camera for a couple shots of the observatory.  I got this one with the moon.

Acworth First Baptist

Today’s Photo:  Acworth First Baptist

I grew up in a small town in Georgia called Acworth.  Well, it used to be small.  The family and I went to eat at a fabulous Cajun restaurant in downtown the other night called Henry’s.  I wanted to get there early so I could …Continue Reading Here…

The Fence and Tree

Today’s Photo:  The Fence and Tree

I have been keeping this shot in mind for a while and was just waiting for the right time for it.  I wanted to get a good shot of a hill with a tree standing on top of it.  Anyone from the eastern United States can attest to the futility …Continue Reading Here…

Foucault Pendulum

Today’s Photo: Foucault Pendulum

I have seen these in several places before and I can still watch them for hours, if I have the time.  This is called a Foucault Pendulum and swings with the rotation of the earth.  The blocks around the outside …Continue Reading Here…

Daryl's Motorcycle Service

Today’s Photo:  Daryl’s Motorcycle Service

I have a kinda normal name, but not the most common spelling of that name.  I was driving around the other day when my wife told me to look over at the store next to us.  To my surprise, I saw Daryl’s Motorcycle Service.  I was intrigued enough to grab …Continue Reading Here…

Speed Ball

Today’s Photo:  Speed Ball

Well, the car show season has arrived full speed ahead.  I made it to two in two days, but have not made it since.  Mainly because of other obligations.  Sometimes those are not as fun, but still needed.

I learned to drive in an automatic transmission car, but soon …Continue Reading Here…

That Bird

Today’s Photo:  That Bird

Driving along Highway 53 near Calhoun, I have seen this very picturesque chicken house many times.  Nearly every time I have passed it, the water has been disturbed and there was no good reflection.  Around 5 months ago, I went by on a calm day and …Continue Reading Here…

The Lonely Bench

Today’s Photo:  The Lonely Bench

After spending a couple of hours at First Friday in downtown Canton, Georgia, I decided I needed to get a few night shots around town.  It was kinda eerie to get back to downtown just about an hour after the event …Continue Reading Here…

A Church in Marietta

Today’s Photo:  A Church in Marietta

There are tons of churches in downtown Marietta and the area surrounding downtown.  You will not have missed church due to a lack of seating.  I found this one on, of all streets, Church Street.  Again, it is one of my …Continue Reading Here…

Saturn V Model

Today’s Photo:  Saturn V Model

After finding a full size Saturn V both upright and lying on its side in stages, this was interesting to see.  There is a whole building at the US Space and Rocket center devoted to the Saturn V and the …Continue Reading Here…

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