From the monthly archives: "June 2012"

The Shy Horse

Today’s Photo:  The Shy Horse

Where I live, there are lots of horses.  I usually see them all along the drive from home to work.  I think every pasture in a ten mile radius has multiple horses or cows.  The good thing about this, frequently, I get to see them close …Continue Reading Here…

Marietta Square Fountain

Today’s Photo:  Marietta Square Fountain

I spent the morning at the square in Marietta with my daughters.  Not being without my camera much, I decided to snap a few photos while we were out.  I was actually able to get them to pose for …Continue Reading Here…

Systems Check

Today’s Photo:  Systems Check

I was at one of our local airports the other day just around sunset.  A plane had landed, fueled up and was just getting ready to take off.  I sat and watched for several minutes as the pilot went through his pre-flight checks.  I love flying in …Continue Reading Here…

Late Spring Sunset

Today’s Photo:  Late Spring Sunset

We have had lots of good cloudy days over the last few weeks.  Hopefully these will not run out anytime soon.  In fact, with the approach of tropical storm Debby, I hope to get some more good clouds.  I was driving home a few evenings ago …Continue Reading Here…

Before the Dirt at Dixie Speedway

Today’s Photo:  Before the Dirt at Dixie Speedway

My soon to be nephew races at a local dirt track called Dixie Speedway.  He invited me a couple of months ago to take photos of him racing.  Well, I was finally able to go this past weekend.  I have been to several Nascar races, including Daytona …Continue Reading Here…

A Dead Head Beetle

Today’s Photo:  A Dead Head Beetle

I have been too busy this year to make it to as many car shows as I would have liked.  I found this little bug at the last show I went to last year.  I could not decide whether it looked like a vampire bug or just a “high” car.  Judging by …Continue Reading Here…

Dixie Speedway

I had every intention of having my normal Sunday church series today.  However, I was out way too late last night shooting at Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, Georgia.  I had a ball and took lots of photos.  I hope that I got some good action shots.  Those shall be put into the queue and I hope to crank some of them out soon.

Giant Night Lights

Today’s Photo:  Giant Night Lights

This is another shot of the Big Wheel from the Shrine circus in Marietta, Georgia.  I had tons of fun trying to get shots from the carnival portion without getting too much movement or too many people in them.  I was pleasantly surprised by this shot.  The lights on the side of the ferris wheel are constantly changing.  I thought I would get a lot of movement in the light bulbs that I was worried the shots would not turn out.  I thought they did pretty well.

Plane Engine

Today’s Photo:  Plane Engine

December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers made the first powered and controlled flight.  Since then, there have been many advancements in the field of aviation.  From the first planes to the Space Shuttle, planes have become more stable …Continue Reading Here…

Over the Earthworks

Today’s Photo:  Over the Earthworks

I have been fascinated by and a student of history since a very young age.  My favorite time period is the dark ages, but unfortunately, living in the United States prevents me from making it a regular recreational hobby.  Well at least the visiting of …Continue Reading Here…

Time for Christmas

Today’s Photo:  Time for Christmas

Today is the summer solstice.  The first day of summer.  For those kids out there, it means we are halfway through the year.  Just six months until Christmas rolls around again.  For my kids that means a trip to …Continue Reading Here…

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