Today’s Photo:  Camouflage

This moth was found by my children.  They would not leave me alone until I took a photo of it.  What do they think I am, a photographer?  Okay, I took the photo, so I guess I am.  I have always been interested in science.  Before photography, and children, I spent a lot of time watching the discovery channel, history channel, any channel that had to do with science.  One of my favorite shows is How It’s Made.  It amazes me at the level of camouflage that nature has built in.  Nearly all animals have some sort of natural ability to hide.  And if they fail in that, many of the smaller animals have the ability to look like something much larger.  This moth is a perfect example of that method of deception and it gets the added bonus that if something goes for it’s head, it will just get a bite of it’s tail.

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