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A Final Sunset

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Today’s Photo: A Final Sunset

As the door closes on 2012, I leave you with this final sunset.

The past 366 days have been an adventure for me and I have enjoyed sharing just a small portion.  I look forward to sharing the next 356 adventures as well.

By the old Cooler

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Today’s Photo:  By the old Cooler

I grew up in North Georgia and remember well stopping at the gas station and getting a cold coke from the cooler.  There were no twist off plastic caps, it was just a piece of metal crimped to the top.  It took a bottle opener to get to the cold refreshment.  Occasionally, I run across an old country store like those I grew up with.  It is rare to find a coke in a glass bottle anymore, but sometimes I still do.  This one was fresh out.

Christmas in Fairmount

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Today’s Photo:  Christmas in Fairmount

I enjoy looking at the way people decorate for Christmas in so many different ways.  Some are simple, some complex and some you can see from the International Space Station.  Fairmount’s lights were simple, yet beautiful.  I maybe biased though, because I am a clear white light type person.  I really liked the way they got the lights back into the branches to make it look like it was glowing from inside.

For the Birds

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Today’s Photo:  For the Birds

I was walking on Cocoa Beach in Florida when I ran across these seagulls.  There were others that were flitting all around, but these were just standing there.  I guess they were waiting on something to happen.  I didn’t wait to see, but it must have been something good to get them to stop like that.

Where Have all the People Gone

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Today’s Photo:  Where Have all the People Gone

I may have started a tradition for me last year.  This happens to be the second year that I took photos of Christmas lights on Christmas Day.  Last year, I stopped in Cartersville for some Christmas Reflections shots and …Continue Reading Here…

Fire on the Mountain

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Today’s Photo:  Fire on the Mountain

This is one of my first sunset photos.  I was enthralled with the saturated sky, but almost no color anywhere else.  Usually, there is some color to the rest of the world, but not for this one.  The color was awesome and covered most of the sky and then it was gone.  All in the matter of a few seconds.  I used to say that it was just being in the right place at the right time, but now I know better.  It is a matter of a minor bit of meteorology, reading the clouds and making sure the angles are going to be right for the shot you want.  The rest is just waiting for the sky to be painted like you want it.

The Nativity

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Today’s Photo:  The Nativity

I was driving through Fairmount Georgia the other night and noticed that they had a nice Christmas Tree and lights throughout town.  I decided to go back and get some Christmas lights shots.  When I made it back, there was this small nativity scene beside the square with all the people and animals lit from within.  I liked the way most of the light for the scene was not coming from without, but from within.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.

Sometimes the Grass is Greener

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Today’s Photo:  Sometimes the Grass is Greener

I was driving to town the other day with my dad when we ran across this heard of cattle.  There was this one cow brown cow in a heard of black cattle.  Not only did it stand out for being a different color, it was also the only on that had stuck its head through the fence and was munching on the grass from the other side.

GM Treed

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Today’s Photo:  GM Treed

Nature can make some pretty interesting stuff all on it’s own if you let it.  A prime example of that is Old Car City.  Nature has taken over everywhere and created some interesting stuff.  Most of it has to do with the decay of modern equipment and cars.  This is one of those examples.  Most of the time, you think of hunting when something gets “treed”.  However, time has treed this GMC truck.

National Air and Space Museum

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Today’s Photo:  National Air and Space Museum

On my visit to The District, I really wanted to get a little time inside the National Air and Space Museum.  However, most of the museums closed around 5:30 PM, so I had to make some tough decisions, and this was one of those to go.  I did get this shot as we walked by.  It is definitely one to make a point to stop at on my next visit.

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