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A Reflection of Home

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Today’s Photo:  A Reflection of Home

I must say that I live in a very pretty place.  I have the ability to be in some very rural places in a short amount of time and, on the other hand, I can be in one of the largest cities in the United States in about the same about of time.  It makes for interesting choices when I want to go out and take photos.  However, there are sometimes that I just want to stay at home.

Idaho's Liberty Bell

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Today’s Photo:  Idaho’s Liberty Bell

Sitting in front of the Idaho state capitol is a replica of the Liberty Bell.  I stood across the street, in front of the statue of Governor Frank Steunenberg to take this shot.  There is a pathway with several large bushes lining it.  Because the wind was so bad, the bushes just whipped around and made an eerie shadow of the bushes across the front of the capitol.

Attitude Adjustment (Austin Barton)

Today’s Photo:  Attitude Adjustment (Austin Barton)

Sitting outside the Booth Western Museum in Cartersville are several artistic pieces.  This one is prominently placed just outside the entrance and creates an imposing view.  The sculpture was made by Austin Barton and is titled Attitude Adjustment.  It is great for setting the wild west mood before walking through a museum dedicated to the Western America.

John Ross Bridge

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Today’s Photo:  John Ross Bridge

The path from downtown Chattanooga to the North Shore of the Tennessee River travels over the Chief John Ross Bridge, commonly called the Market Street Bridge.  Just below the bridge is Ross Landing.  I spent a few hours one evening exploring Ross Landing and the area around Market Street.  This is one of the shots I got from along the waterfront.

Dixie Speedway

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Today’s Photo:  Dixie Speedway

I was shooting in the pits at Dixie Speedway when I noticed several people take a minute to watch as the sun was setting.  There was an electric feel to the air as everyone was getting ready for some racing under the lights.  The grandstands were filling and fine tuning was happening to some engines.  Nothing like the smell of gas, loud engines and Georgia red clay to make for the start of a good Saturday night.

Grazing Cows

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Today’s Photo:  Grazing Cows

Growing up I always heard of “old wives” tales and other stories of how to tell the weather.  Things like the leaves turning over, the sun being red in the morning and many others.  Several months ago, my wife ran across one that said cows lie down when it is supposed to rain.  I can confirm, that is an “old wives” tail.  I pass these cows and many more nearly everyday.  There is not rhyme or reason as to when they are lying down.  I have seen them standing through thunderstorms and the entire heard on the ground when it was bright and shiny and had been for days and was afterward for days.  However, it is kinda fun to pretend to be the weather forecaster and I find that I am right as much as they are.

Pillar Lights

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Today’s Photo:  Pillar Lights

This is the entrance to the park in downtown Fairmount, Georgia.  Driving by, I had noticed the tree set up in the park and decided to stop.  As I was walking around, I noticed these snowflake lights on the pillars on the back entrance to the park.  I liked the different color lights and the blue glow coming from inside the pavilion in the center of the park.

Chattahoochee Technical College

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Today’s Photo:  Chattahoochee Technical College

Situated north of Canton Georgia is one of the campuses for Chattahoochee Technical College.  The building is beautiful and the setting is very nice.  However, it is in the middle of nowhere.  I happened to be driving through nowhere the other day and decided to snap this shot while I was there.  Maybe one day this will be somewhere.

Ready for Game Day

Today’s Photos:  Ready for Game Day

My favorite sports time of the year is the fall.  You get both college and professional football.  Being from Georgia, I am an Atlanta Falcons fan and was excited with their season this year.  Even with the loss of the NFC championship, I am proud of their performance.  For the game, I had to get my children engaged since it was several hours long.  For my part, I decided to paint them up.  I am much better with a camera than the paintbrush.

The Aquarium in Miniature

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Today’s Photo:  The Aquarium in Miniature

I have had a great time looking back through old photos that I have taken and seeing if they have potential for some Tilt Shift faking.  I ran across this one from one of my trips to Chattanooga.  I’m thinking I may make a new series of photos just for Tilt Shift.  I think I may make a trip to downtown Atlanta soon.  If anyone would like to go, let me know.

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