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The Rock

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Today’s Photo: The Rock

Happy Easter to everyone out there.  This has been the oddest Easter I can remember in forever.  Around here, the Dogwood trees always bloom at Easter.  That has not happened yet, so it does not feel like it should be Easter.  Maybe next week, the dogwoods will finally bloom.

Spring Flowers

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Today’s Photo: Spring Flowers

Spring has finally arrived.  That is what the flowers, trees and my allergies have told me.  That is not what the weather has told me.  When was the last time Georgia had below freezing temperatures at the end of March?  I was able to get a few shots of one of the trees in the yard.  I think this would fall in the cherry blossom family of trees.  If you know, leave a comment.

Mershon Hall Beyond the Lights

Today’s Photo: Mershon Hall Beyond the Lights

This was my third favorite photo from my trip through the Garden Lights display.  I waited until the very end to take it.  I had been taking photos of a couple Admiring the Tree and then through out the Green and Blue Twinkling Terrace.  It started raining fairly descent and my family took shelter on the porch of the Day Hall.  This shot was from just under the overhang.

Retro Rain Day

Today’s Photo: Retro Rain Day

There is something special about getting to play in the rain.  When it is not too cold, I love to walk and let it wash over me.  You get the opportunity to loose the facade of being an adult and let the kid out that’s inside.  You can’t beat splashing in a big water puddle to give that little inner excitement.  As you can tell, I have no problem letting my kids enjoy a run in the rain.  You never know what childhood memories you may be able to capture.

The First Caddy

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Today’s Photo: The First Caddy

It does not take long to run into good photographic opportunities at Old Car City in White Georgia.  Sitting just outside the front door is this old Cadillac.  It is the first of many old junk cars that you will find while exploring the miles of lanes lined with old junk cars.

Tree and Post

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Today’s Photo: Tree and Post

The weather here has been strange of late.  It is warm for several days and then extremely cold for several more.  Not just a few degree difference, but in the range of 30 – 40 degrees.  This shot was taken on one of those milder days.  Maybe this summer will bring some of the mildness with it and none of the brutal heat that we have had the last few years.

Sledding Time

Today’s Photo: Sledding Time

I used to not take my camera when I go to events with my children.  Now I do but I get so tied up in what is going on, that I don’t take too many photos.  My daughter went to a birthday party where they have a year round downhill tubing slope.  I am glad that I decided to break out the camera for this.  I got some great smiles and joy captured.  This was one of many.

Christmas in Calhoun

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Today’s Photo: Christmas in Calhoun

It is too bad that Christmas lights are only up for about a month.  I wanted to visit so many more places, but did not have the time.  This is the county courthouse in Gordon County.  I decided to shoot the Christmas lights in downtown and invited my sister.  We were walking around the courthouse when she showed me a photo she had taken.  I thought it was so good, that I had to go back and steal that composition… This is it.

Blue Fountain

Today’s Photo: Blue Fountain

Another shot from the Garden Lights exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  We were fortunate that, until just before this shot, there was almost no rain.  The rain made the last 30 minutes or so a little uncomfortable, but it was not unbearable.  It is interesting to see peoples reactions when they run across someone taking a photo.  Their first reaction is to stop and remain out of the line of the camera so that they will not be in the photo.  It took a little encouragement to get them to walk in front of the camera.  During this shot, there were at least 5 – 10 people that walked across.  I guess they thought I did not have the camera on.

Pearl Harbor Memorial

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Today’s Photo: Pearl Harbor Memorial

December 7, 1941… A day that will live in infamy.  A day when the country was taken by surprise and a sleeping giant was woken.  Unfortunately, it was at the cost of many lives, both the day of the attack and the years following.  This monument is in the Marietta National Cemetery.  It is sobering enough to see it situated among the hundreds of headstones.  I could not imagine seeing it sitting somewhere near battleship row and the remains of the ships sunk that day.

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