From the monthly archives: "April 2013"

Beside Still Water

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Today’s Photo: Beside Still Waters

This little lake drains into Sope Creek.  The sun was just getting above the trees and the water was very calm.  It was a very peaceful morning.  I only saw one other person the whole time I was out.  It may have had something to do with the cold.  This shot does not capture that very well.  Too bad I couldn’t get the lake with some snow on it.

Windblown Orion

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Today’s Photo: Windblown Orion

This has to be one of my favorite photos of the starts.  It is hard for me to get good shot of the stars being this close to Atlanta, but I manage occasionally.  I took this one near the observatory on the grounds of the Tellus Museum.  I could not pass it up and was pleased with the wind blowing the trees around.  There was enough ambient light near the ground to light the trees up fairly well and keep the stars looking good.

Papermill Ruins

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Today’s Photo: Papermill Ruins

It is odd how ruins of a building can tell so much about what it used to be, but still leave out so much.  These ruins are just north of Atlanta and used to house a papermill.  There is not much left other than a few outer walls from the building and nothing of the inside rooms.  After having been inside manufacturing plants, it’s hard to believe that this would have been the equivalent many years ago.

Reflections of Kennesaw

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Today’s Photo: Reflections of Kennesaw

I grew up in a small town just north of Atlanta Georgia.  No, it was not Kennesaw, but I spent enough time there that it could have been.  I always remembered Kennesaw for the Great Locomotive Chase and the movie Six Pack.  I took the kids to the park several weeks ago that is downtown.  I had to take them on a trek to city hall and show them some of the sights.  I don’t think they believed any of the stories I told them.  I can’t imagine why.

Flowing Water

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Today’s Photo: Flowing Water

Another shot from my trip to the creek.  As much fun as this was, I am going to have to find another place similar to this.  In fact, I have several ideas from places that I have been growing up.  That’s one of the benefits from living in the mountains and having a Jeep.  I got to explore many of the forest service roads.

The Old Bridge

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Today’s Photo: The Old Bridge

One of my favorite things about Chattanooga are the bridges over the Tennessee River.  This is the Market Street bridge which runs right by Ross Landing.  I caught this just before sunset one evening.  The colors were not spectacular, but it made for a decent “old” photo look.

The Cold Front

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Today’s Photo: The Cold Front

We had a cold front push a line of storms through today.  This was the view this evening as the front finished pushing through.  I did not think it was going to make it here until after dark, so I did not plan on going anywhere.  I was wrong, but still got a few shots.

The Mallard

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Today’s Photo: The Mallard

This was another bird from the Duck Pond in Jasper.  There must have been 20 – 30 birds gathered around while my little one was feeding them.  You would have thought no one else feed the pesky creatures.  I am just glad that we are able to keep them out of the lake for the most part.  Walking around the lake and stepping in bird poo is not my idea of fun.  I had enough of that growing up and going to summer camp.

Clouds and a Little Tree

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Today’s Photo: Clouds and a Little Tree

I haven’t devoted the time I would like to landscape or travel photography lately.  Most of my time has been making portraits.  So, I was enjoying the clouds the other day and captured this.

Trees in the River

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Today’s Photo: Trees in the River

Another shot from my trip to the river / creek this past weekend.  There were so many compositions that I left some to go back and take at another time.  I was intrigued though by this set of tree trunks partially in the water and partially on a rock.  The water was so clear, I would have had trouble telling where it was if it had not been for the air bubbles and reflections.

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