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The Clematis

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Today’s Photo: The Clematis

The previous owners of the property where I live enjoyed planting flowers, but not of the annual variety.  So, every spring, I get to see many flowers blooming.  The way they planted the flowers, there are blooms of different kinds, one after the other.  This is a clematis.  It is neat to watch it grow every year from under the ground, flower and then die off in the winter.

Little Tracks

Today’s Photo: Little Tracks

As most young boy’s, I was fascinated by trains when I was little.  I still am to a small degree.  Add lots of bright lights, reflections, a fast moving scale train and I am in heaven.  This shot was taken at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Garden Lights exhibit.  It was probably one of the most difficult to take.  There were so many people working their way around the scene that I had to dodge the pedestrians to get a few shots.  Well worth the fight though.

The Young and The Old

Today’s Photo: The Young and The Old

Family pets are members of the family.  They are no different than children and have their place.  Some have even been around longer than the kids have.  That is the case here.  My dad actually found this dog wandering along the side of the road when he could not have been more than a few weeks old.  Now, years later, he is still a part of the family.  I know he will not be around too much longer, so I know these times are very precious.

Watch Your Step

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Today’s Photo: Watch Your Step

Tuesday is the first day of the work week for many after Memorial Day.  Unfortunately, many may not want to go back after a relaxing three day weekend, or maybe they do?  Just make sure to watch your step.  That first day can be a doozie.

With Honor They Served

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Today’s Photo:  With Honor They Served

Today is the celebration of Memorial Day for millions of Americans and a national holiday.  Many will be sitting around grills and visiting their local lakes or just out doing something fun.  A celebration of the start of summer for many children and no more school.  Just make sure that you leave a little time out for what the holiday is really for… honoring those that keep us safe and ensure that we have the freedoms that are often taken for granted.

At least from me to those that protect… Thank You for the job you have done for the last couple hundred years.

Light Play

Today’s Photo: Light Play

I have been trying out several different techniques for limiting and directing the amount of light that is captured by the camera.  Basic for most, but, none the less, important techniques to learn.  For this one, I got my models (hehehe), to lie in front of an open window.  I used no flash, closed the aperture to 7.1 and upped the shutter speed to 1/500.  It gave a good highlight to the feet and left out the background.

Random House

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Today’s Photo: Random House

I was driving around several months ago and ran across this house.  I am pretty sure it was abandoned, but not 100%.  I don’t know what it was that caught my eye.  I think it may have been that it did not fit with its neighbors.  The other houses were antiques, but well kept.  This one not so much.

Through the Fence

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Today’s Photo: Through the Fence

Over my lifetime, I have witnessed the need to institute safety measures for many things.  One of those has been the installation of fences along most of the bridges that cross major highways in the Atlanta area.  I really don’t have an opinion one way or the other about them.  However, they are truly inconvenient when you want to take photos of traffic and there is no opening for a camera.

Sunlight on the Barn

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Today’s Photo: Sunlight on the Barn

I was driving down the road the other morning and noticed this barn.  The light was shining just right to leak through the trees and light up just a small area.  If only the light rays would have been there this time.

More Spring Flowers

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Today’s Photo: More Spring Flowers

This spring has been on of the rainiest we have had in this area in years.  It has also been one of the coolest.  With all the rain, has come lots of growth and many flowers.  It seemed like one day it was cold, rainy, nothing growing and then the next it was cool, the ground soaked and more flowers than you can count.

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