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M.B. Miller County Pier

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Today’s Photo: M.B. Miller County Pier

It has been several years since I took a vacation with the family and traveled anywhere.  We decided to go to Panama City Beach this summer.  With the exception of a small hiccup, it went well.  This was the only real good sunset from the week, but the clouds the rest of the week turned out great.  This is the M.B. Miller County Pier that is situated on Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach.

Retention Colors

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Today’s Photo: Retention Colors

Sometimes you can find a descent photo in some of the most unlikely places.  I was driving through Eufaula Alabama and had stopped to eat.  Of course, I had not been paying attention to the fact that the rain I had been driving through was clearing.  When I came out of the restaurant, my wife pointed out this sunset.  Not knowing the area, I immediately began driving around and noticed this retention pond situated next to a Wal-Mart.  The reflections were not to bad and the small water tower added to it.

Frog Pond

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Today’s Photo: Frog Pond

One of my favorite restaurants in Panama City Beach Florida is Pompanos.  Other than the food, the setting is fabulous.  It sits overlooking a small pond that is covered in lily pads.  I stopped one night took a couple shots looking across the pond to Pompanos.

Roadside Sunset

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Today’s Photo: Roadside Sunset

Many of the sunrises and sunsets that I see happen while I am traveling on the road.  Sometimes, I am fortunate enough to get a good spot to stop and get a shot.  This summer, there has been so much rain that the sunsets are mostly rained out.  This was not one of those times.

Gate of Opportunity

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Today’s Photo: Gate of Opportunity

Berry College has the distinction of having the largest college campus in the world.  Not only is it the largest, but it has many historical and picturesque buildings and landscapes.  When students arrive, they travel through the Gate of Opportunity.  However, this is not the original gate.  The original gate is accessed through the campus.  This is the view that newly arriving students used to be greeted with.

Winter Stream

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Today’s Photo: Winter Stream

This is another shot from the Sope Creek area.  I found this little stream that was covered in fallen leaves that still had a little color.

Row Upon Row

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Today’s Photo: Row Upon Row

Memorial Day this year sis not turn out how I wanted it to.  I had planned on visiting the Georgia National Cemetery.  I was hoping to get a couple shots with all the flags out.  That did not happen.  I also did not get any good sunrise photos the morning I took this shot.  However, I thought the heavy fog as I arrived and then the low cloud cover set the tone for the morning.  It was quiet walking among these hero’s.

Standing over the Water

Today’s Photo: Standing over the Water

One thing I liked about the Garden Lights exhibit was the many pools that were around creating good reflections.  It helped that there was not much rain at the time I took these photos.  The I got the best of both worlds when it started raining.  Then I got the reflections from the walkways.

Up the Banks

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Today’s Photo: Up the Banks

This shot was taken just up the creek from Clear Water.  I have no idea what this thing could be.  I was thinking some type of old radiator.  My brother and I both tried to pull it up, but were not successful.  Not even to budge it.  As far back in the mountains as it is, I wonder if it maybe part of an old alcohol still.

Jetstar 2

Today’s Photo: Jetstar 2

The Wright brothers helped start the air revolution.  Now you can find planes with advanced avionics and they are extremely aerodynamic.  Not much like the wood and cloth flyer they started with.  This happens to be the cockpit portion of a Lockheed Jetstar 2 that sits in the Tellus museum just outside Cartersville Georgia.

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