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The Monarch

Today’s Photo: The Monarch

A couple years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Phoenix, Arizona.  It was a pretty cool place, but the temps were a bit hotter than I like during the day.  Now I understand the drastic temperature change from day to night in the desert.  While there, I took a little while to run around South Mountain Park, which was right across the street from the Arizona Grand Resort and found this Monarch Butterfly taking a little brake.

Barfield General Store

Today’s Photo: Barfield General Store

You can find some of the most interesting things if you get off the beaten path.  I found this driving Highway 9 in Alabama.  Obviously, it has been around a long time.  Since 1893 according to the sign.  You can only imagine the history for which this building has been present.

Lions and Tigers, Oh MY!!!

Today’s Photo: Lions and Tigers, Oh MY!!!

A couple years ago, I was able to take a stroll through the Montgomery Zoo.  This white tiger strolled over and plopped itself down right in front of me.  I think it may have been trained to pose for photos.

Friendly Horses

Today’s Photo: Friendly Horses

I was on the way home during one of our recent snowstorms when I ran across these horses.  When I got out of the car, I was just trying to get one.  However, when I got near, it ran over next to the other one and stood there.  It was like it was posing just for me.  The barn and snow made it just right.

A Horse in the Morning

Today’s Photo: A Horse in the Morning

Most of the farm animals around here are cows and chickens, so I don’t get to see horses up close that often.  There are just a couple pastures where they get close to the road.  I was fortunate one day last week to get several close to the road.  I was impressed by the curiosity of this one.  Most of them just turn tail and walk off, but this one just kept trying to get closer.

The Tail End

Today’s Photo: The Tail End

I am a firm believer in public service and spending a portion of your time in community service.  In an effort to instill that value in my children, my wife an I thought it would be good for them to volunteer some of their time at one of the local horse rescues.  They love horses, have been asking for one and will not stop.  So, on an afternoon drive, I decided to swing by and show them where the farm was located.  I could not pass this shot up.  It had both girls laughing.

Purchase: A Crane

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Today’s Photo: A Crane

I was on the beach watching this crane.  At least, I think it is a crane.  I was trying to sneak up on it and get a few good close-ups when it decided to fly off.  This was one of the shots I got after it took to wing.  It came back a little while later and I was able to get a few shots of it perching on top of the jetty.

The Writing Spider

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Today’s Photo: The Writing Spider

This evening my older brother decided to point out a writing spider on some steps on the property.  Of course, I had to get the camera out.  It was a good opportunity to get out the macro extension tubes.  Talk about getting up close and personal.  With all four extension tubes and the 50mm lens, the face of the spider took up the whole viewing port, and it was only about 2 inches from the end of the lens.  It is a manual focus set and I’m still working with it.  Although I had the extension tubes, this shot with just the raw 50mm turned out best.

Name That Bird

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Today’s Photo: Name That Bird

My youngest is an animal lover.  So when we went to the duck pond in Jasper, she had tons of fun.  We were not prepared when we went and had no bread to feed the ducks.  Luckily there were some generous souls that decided to share.  This is one of the shots I got of the ducks swarming her.

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