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I know a lot of people who are switching to Google+ and now spend less time on Face Book.  However, since Google+ is just by invite now, stop by the face book page and say hello.  If you like what you see here, make sure to like the Face Book page.  I am really interested in getting to know the readers of this blog.  I am fortunate enough to get to travel sometimes and don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet some of you if possible.

Today’s Photo:  Dreaming

I have two very girly girls.  They like the usual girly things.  Princesses, Barbie, Tinker Bell, etc.  You get the picture.  The other day, I walked into their room and say the youngest sitting at the desk.  She was staring out the window.  I quickly grabbed the camera and snapped this photo.  I can only imagine what she was thinking.  Maybe Princesses or Barbie, I don’t know.  She promptly became the shy, camera unfriendly little girl that I know.  (The other one is usually not as shy).  I tried to find out what she was doing there, but immediately gave the normal child answer “I don’t know”.

I have a hard time not taking all my photos of the children, but here is another photo of The “A” Team with her bling.  But you can’t miss last Saturday’s Daily Photo.

Dreaming©2011 Just Shooting Memories (all rights reserved)

I have noticed that the impression which people get from a photo is very interesting.  I can change where I am standing by a few feet and get a totally different photo.  But, what I have noticed the most is that a photo only captures a small amount of what I see.  This can be manipulated in so many ways.  I can not count the number of times that I have taken a photo right beside the road and, with out knowing where it was, you would never know that, just a couple of feet away, there was a busy road.  I must say you can use that to great advantage.  I would say that 70% of my photos are this way.  How about you?

Today’s Photo:  Afternoon Sky

I have spoken a lot of the gate which I see in the morning.  I don’t talk too much of the gate I see just on the other side of the road.  I really mean, right on the other side of the road.  I have not had that much time visiting this gate lately.  This is because the angle of the light at the time in the afternoon when I go past it.  I pass by in the early afternoon and right now, the sun does not get to a good angle until about 8:30 P.M.  However, I managed to get there a little later the other day.  I just love photos like this where you can see the sun beams.

I have taken a few other photos of this gate including this old one: The Gate.  And don’t miss last Wednesday’s daily photo.

Afternoon Sky

I have been trying to be active on other forums and social networking sites.  You can follow me on Twitter as @justshootitup, on Facebook as Just Shooting Memories (page) and through Flickr as justshootingmemories.  Leave a comment with the sites you belong to.

Today’s Photo:  Unwalked

The family was not too happy when it snowed real well in January this year.  We got nearly 6 inches and I made a time-lapse video of it.  I thought it turned out pretty neat and if I have time, I will share it also.  Back to the story though; they were not too happy with me because I would not let them out of the house until I got some good photos of the snow.  Was it wrong of me to do that?  I just wanted some fresh powder with no foot prints.  Is that so wrong?  But, I made it up to them by getting the sleds out and having a grand time.  I shall post a photo of that soon too.

Check out the Winter Wonderland for another snow photo.  Also, don’t miss last Sundays Daily Photo.


Update to Google+ mini review:

It appears that now, you can use a business name or other nickname.  I still am not impressed with the iPhone app.  It is okay for adding to circles, watching your stream, but not great for posting.  Maybe Google will fix this.  If you missed the review you can find it at the Google+ mini review.

Today’s Photo:  Cloudy Movement

I usually see all kinds of really cool stuff on the way home.  The daily photo today comes from one of those times.  Luckily, I had the camera that day.  Most of the time, the best stuff happens when I don’t.  I hope that I am not the only one to which his happens.  Do you have this problem to?  This is another of those drive home photos: Clouds over the Barn.

While you are looking at this, don’t miss last Saturday’s Daily Photo.

Cloudy Movement

Are you going to take part in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk?  What a neat idea.  I am always looking for other photographers to get together with and interesting places to go.  I tend to get odd looks when I go out on a walk all by myself.  I think I may do it this year.  It is October 1 – 2 with walks all over the place.  Once I decide where I am going to go, I think I will let everyone here know.

Today’s Photo:  Morning Sun

I love the colors when the sun is just below the horizon before sunrise.  Add a few low hanging clouds to reflect the light and you have the perfect recipe for some beautiful colors.  This was one of those mornings I made it to a good location before the sun rose.  I was able to watch the sky get light and then the beautiful colors bloom on the underside of the clouds.

Morning Sun

Congratulations to @britefrog (twitter) for getting to the HDRspotting invite code first.  I have a few more and I am going to be posting them randomly until they are all gone.  For anyone who wants one, I put the post up at midnight EST.

Today’s Photo:  Almost Lost (A Portrait in Flowers)

I am fortunate enough to live next to a flower garden.  Unfortunately, I almost lost the girls in the flower garden during this photo shoot.  Do any of you have children?  Are they as willing subjects as mine are?

Almost Lost

The next few days will bring few words unless something dramatic happens. I have a full schedule and it is time for school to start. Today I shall bring you an invite for HDRspotting.  HDRspotting is a site started by Trey Ratcliff (Stuck in Customs) for members to post HDR photos.  There are some unreal artists that post there.  If you like the work I do, that site is an automatic have to see.  So, for the first person whom shows up here and wants it: 1542-923965 is an invite code for HDRspotting.

Today’s Photo: Yellow Fields

This is another of my famous U-turn photos.  See pretty stuff, slam on breaks, u-turn, stop for photo.  Rinse, repeat.  Oh how I love photography.  I think I may need new breaks.  Being new at dedicated photography, I guess that means I am now a semi-professional photographer, I don’t know how many sets of breaks I should budget for.  Have you thought of how many you go through?  If so, what should I budget for?

Yellow Fields

I have been so busy with work and family life that I have not had very much “photography” time.  I have made sure to take a photo a day, but have not had the time to dedicate to it what I want.  However, my “hit” list is still growing.  I have so many ideas and places to go that I just can’t wait to share them.  What do you call your list of must do stuff?

If you are looking for a good place to find photography related stories, check out the Photography category over at Alltop.  And while you are there, I shamelessly ask for you to find this website (Just Shooting Memories!) and click on the link from there.  Maybe we can make it to the top of the top news.

Today’s Photo:  Through the Greenhouse

This is another photo from around the house.  I have been working on framing some of my photos with the scenery.  This one worked out pretty good.  I can’t wait for the cold weather.  Wait, I think I have said that a few times lately.  Oh well.

And, yes, that is another gate.

Through the Greenhouse

I shall make this short and sweet tonight.  While I am typing this, I have decided to attempt some extreme astrophotography.  As with most of my stuff, I have seen the techniques used and they inspire me to try to put my own spin on it.  I hope that this one turns out as well as some of my past experiments.

I have been enthralled by outer space since I was very little.  In fact, I held on to my child hood dream of being an astronaut much longer than other children.  About three years ago, I finally bought a real telescope.  Mind you, it was just a 4″ Schmidt-Cassegrain with a computerized base.  I have been building up the nerve to attache my camera to it, but as of yet, have not.  So, the other day, I ran across Terrastro and Alex Cherney.  WOW!  It made me feel like a child again.  It was that instant infusion of mind blowing inspiration.  99% of the astrophotography images I have seen were deep space objects or planets and other similar objects, but Alex uses just a normal DSLR and an Intervalometer for some awesome stuff.  Now, off to check on the progress and sit back to see the stars………

Today’s Photo:  Cloudy Barn

I was driving down the road and noticed this barn on the side of the road.  Now, I have been down this road hundreds of times and never noticed this little barn.  It is not out of the way or hidden in anyway.  Quite the opposite, it is out in the open right next to the road.  I do not know what finally caught my attention, but with the beautiful clouds in the sky, it began calling to me.  Which meant initiation of the “Photography” plan “A”.

Photography Plan “A”:  Immediate evasive action in a horribly hard to drive van (well really not so bad); which is the only vehicle which can carry all the gear, all the time and still fit the family in.  Automatic U-Turn (absolutely in a very safe manner) and return to the mostly astonishing photography location.

Cloudy Barn

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by.  For those of you who are new, I offer most of my photos under the Creative Commons License.  For details on the license, select the link on the right.  If you find a photo which I have retained all rights to and you want a print let me know at  I am thinking of doing limited edition / signed prints.  If you are interested or if you have had experience with these types of prints, leave a comment.

You can also click on the photo itself to open it in my Flickr photostream.  Most of these can be downloaded full size from Flickr.  The look good as desktop backgrounds to me.

Today’s Photo:  Sunset Beams

I love how on cloudy days, sometimes the sun pops through at just the right time.

Yes, another gate.  But at least it is a different one today.

Sunset Beams

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