I shall make this short and sweet tonight.  While I am typing this, I have decided to attempt some extreme astrophotography.  As with most of my stuff, I have seen the techniques used and they inspire me to try to put my own spin on it.  I hope that this one turns out as well as some of my past experiments.

I have been enthralled by outer space since I was very little.  In fact, I held on to my child hood dream of being an astronaut much longer than other children.  About three years ago, I finally bought a real telescope.  Mind you, it was just a 4″ Schmidt-Cassegrain with a computerized base.  I have been building up the nerve to attache my camera to it, but as of yet, have not.  So, the other day, I ran across Terrastro and Alex Cherney.  WOW!  It made me feel like a child again.  It was that instant infusion of mind blowing inspiration.  99% of the astrophotography images I have seen were deep space objects or planets and other similar objects, but Alex uses just a normal DSLR and an Intervalometer for some awesome stuff.  Now, off to check on the progress and sit back to see the stars………

Today’s Photo:  Cloudy Barn

I was driving down the road and noticed this barn on the side of the road.  Now, I have been down this road hundreds of times and never noticed this little barn.  It is not out of the way or hidden in anyway.  Quite the opposite, it is out in the open right next to the road.  I do not know what finally caught my attention, but with the beautiful clouds in the sky, it began calling to me.  Which meant initiation of the “Photography” plan “A”.

Photography Plan “A”:  Immediate evasive action in a horribly hard to drive van (well really not so bad); which is the only vehicle which can carry all the gear, all the time and still fit the family in.  Automatic U-Turn (absolutely in a very safe manner) and return to the mostly astonishing photography location.

Cloudy Barn

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