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Evening at the Barn

Today’s Photo: Evening at the Barn

I was headed home the other evening after it had rained nearly all day.  The clouds were still pretty thick but had some big breaks between and lots of sun.  They were moving quickly across the sky and the bright patches of sunlight flew across the fields.  I stopped and tried several times to capture the bright and dark patches and ended up making it to this barn.  I thought it looked good in the early evening light.

Barn and a Gate

Today’s Photo: Barn and a Gate

I was driving some back roads and ran across this little barn / falling down building and a gate.  I thought the surroundings were just perfect.  No one had kept up with the yard / landscaping and it fit real well with the dilapidated look of the building.

Friendly Horses

Today’s Photo: Friendly Horses

I was on the way home during one of our recent snowstorms when I ran across these horses.  When I got out of the car, I was just trying to get one.  However, when I got near, it ran over next to the other one and stood there.  It was like it was posing just for me.  The barn and snow made it just right.

Barbed Wire

Today’s Photo: Barbed Wire

While I was out in the snow the other day, I stopped to take some photos of a couple of horses.  They posed for me for one or two shots.  Then this barn in the snow captured my attention.  It’s always a work in progress when you are on a farm.  The roll of barbed wire on the fence made me think of all the things I needed to do at home.  Glad I was able to take a few minutes before getting back to reality.  Which, of course, included some sledding with the kids.

The Old Barn

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Today’s Photo: The Old Barn

This is another of the old barns that I have found recently driving around the North Georgia mountains.  I hate to see them in such disrepair.  Most seem to be like old horses put out to pasture.  On the other hand, I have to say they make for good subjects in the photography world.

Hidden by Grass

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Today’s Photo: Hidden by Grass

North Georgia is full of all kinds of barns.  I found this one in the Ellijay area a few weeks ago.  It looks like the owner likes cutting grass about as much as I do.  It gives a little character to the dilapidated looks of the barn.

Sunlight on the Barn

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Today’s Photo: Sunlight on the Barn

I was driving down the road the other morning and noticed this barn.  The light was shining just right to leak through the trees and light up just a small area.  If only the light rays would have been there this time.

The Roadside Barn

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Today’s Photo: The Roadside Barn

I love driving through the countryside in the south.  Once you get off the beaten path, the history of the area is plain to see.  I found this barn a couple months ago.  It is obviously old.  If I had the time to sit and listen to the stories it could tell, but I don’t have several years.  So, I just settled for capturing a photo of it and imagining the stories.

Last of the Light

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Today’s Photo: Last of the Light

I was driving home the other day and the light was rapidly failing when I ran across this barn.  It sits on top of a hill and is in just the right position to have the sun behind it most of the time.  I was just fortunate enough to have some descent clouds to get a little color.

An Old Barn

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Today’s Photo: An Old Barn

A benefit of living in North Georgia is the plethora of old barns.  Within a mile, you can find everything from a falling down wreck to something much newer and standing strong.  Mostly, it is not the newer ones that give character to the landscape, it is the older ones that have many years of weathering to tell about.  I found this one on one of my drive through the mountains.  If only its walls could talk.

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