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Silent Gun

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Today’s Photo:  Silent Gun

When I think of something happening 150 years ago, I think that is a long time.  However, when you look at it as compared to the history of mankind, it is very recent history.  On the other hand, for the United States that is not …Continue Reading Here…

Over the Earthworks

Today’s Photo:  Over the Earthworks

I have been fascinated by and a student of history since a very young age.  My favorite time period is the dark ages, but unfortunately, living in the United States prevents me from making it a regular recreational hobby.  Well at least the visiting of …Continue Reading Here…

One Big Gun

Today’s Photo:  One Big Gun

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like guns.  Almost as much as cameras.  Most people think that, in most things, that bigger is better.  I guess that applied during the civil war also.  Why take to the field of battle with a small muzzle loading rifle …Continue Reading Here…

Are you on Pintrest?  That seems to be the new cool fad for this week on the net.  I must confess, I have not drunk the CoolAid (I wonder how many remember what that is?) and have never used pintrest.  However, my wife is completely hooked and spends a fair amount of time pinning and re-pinning, I think that is right, everything she can find.  So, having said all that, I ran across a comment where one of my photos showed up on pintrest.  The original is the Freer Gallery of Art.

The Visitor Center (Chickamauga Battlefield)

Today’s Photo:  The Visitor Center (Chickamauga Battlefield)

I took this photo just outside the visitor center for the Chickamauga National Battlefield Park, or you can just read the wall to find out.  Anyway, it was very rainy and had a good bit of cloud cover, but it was some of the most wired formations I have seen.  I was trying for a little better self portrait in the window, but did not want to get so close that I missed the cannon.

I went to Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta this past weekend.  I got lots of shots, but, did not have as much time as I really wanted.  Next time, I will try to fit it in a little better.  I hope to get a couple of them processed soon to share.

 The Green Barrel

Today’s Photo:  The Green Barrel

This is another shot from the Silent Guns of the South.  I took this just down the road from the visitors center at Chickamauga National Battlefield Park.  I can almost feel the eyes of the soldiers just inside that wood line. It was …Continue Reading Here…

Swett's Battery

Today’s Photo:  Swett’s Battery

Chickamauga Battlefield has to be one of the most interesting I have visited.  It is also one of the oldest of the National Battlefield Parks.  As I walked around, there were markers for where certain units were at given points …Continue Reading Here…

Swamp Gun (Nineteenth Battery)
Today (Tuesday) was lots of fun.  A dramatic trip to Chickamauga National Battlefield Park (a continuation of the “Silent Guns of the South” series) and the Tennessee Aquarium.  I did the unthinkable at the aquarium though…I left the camera in the car.

Today’s Photo:  Swamp Gun (Nineteenth Battery)

I was driving down the road which passes through the center of Chickamauga National Battlefield when I saw this line of cannons at the edge of a field.  The cannon were not pointed into the field like …Continue Reading Here…

The Water Cannons

Today’s Photo:  The Water Cannons

Downtown Chattanooga has some really cool sculptures and other art projects.  Some of which I have shown here.  This happens to be at the bottom of the Trail of Tears waterfall …Continue Reading Here…

Henry House Hill
I think Thanksgiving is a purely American holiday.  If I am mistaken, please correct me.  So, today starts the beginning of the holiday season.  Lots of football (not the soccer type), food and festivities.  So, for anyone celebrating Thanksgiving today…Happy Thanksgiving.  To those not celebrating Thanksgiving…cook a turkey and call it thanksgiving.

Today’s Photo:  Henry House Hill

This is another photo in my “Silent Guns of the South” series.  I have always been a student of history.  There is so …Continue Reading Here…

Silent Cannon

Today’s Photo:  Silent Cannon

About a year ago, I decided I was going to start a series of photos called the Silent Guns of the South.  I have always been a fan of history and more specifically, military history.  So, I thought this would be a lot of fun.  I began …Continue Reading Here…

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