Henry House Hill
I think Thanksgiving is a purely American holiday.  If I am mistaken, please correct me.  So, today starts the beginning of the holiday season.  Lots of football (not the soccer type), food and festivities.  So, for anyone celebrating Thanksgiving today…Happy Thanksgiving.  To those not celebrating Thanksgiving…cook a turkey and call it thanksgiving.

Today’s Photo:  Henry House Hill

This is another photo in my “Silent Guns of the South” series.  I have always been a student of history.  There is so much to learn.  I have been fortunate enough over the years to visit numerous battlefield sites, but unfortunately mos have been without a camera.  This shot is from Henry House Hill located at the site of both the first and second battles of Manassas or Bull Run.  At one point or another during both battles, each side had control of this hill and it is where a lot of fighting took place.

It is amazing how deceptive this shot can be.  The wood lines are very close to where they were 150 years ago.  From where this cannon is, it is only about 200 yards away.  I can imagine that the soldiers standing here and at the tree line could see the whites of each other’s eyes.

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