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Moon in the Middle of Nowhere

Today’s Photo: Moon in the Middle of Nowhere

The Pacific Northwest has to be one of the prettiest places that I have visited.  Since I am not from that area, I lump Idaho into the Pacific Northwest.  If I offend anyone… Sorry.  That does not take away from it’s beauty though.  This shot is from just outside Idaho City, Idaho.  I took a quick drive there one afternoon.  I know I should not have been, but I was surprised by how fast you go from urban to rural.  I guess being from near one of the largest cities in the United States, I have a sort of twisted perspective.  When we go from downtown and travel an hour, you are still in a major suburban setting with very few pockets of rural.

Lucky Peak Reservoir Bridge

Today’s Photo: Lucky Peak Reservoir Bridge

I was driving out the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway from Boise one afternoon when I stopped to shoot this bridge.  I was trying to find a good spot when I ran across these skis.  There was no name and I can only imagine what happened.  However, the view was beautiful and peaceful.

The Clear Water

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Today’s Photo: The Clear Water

I am constantly amazed at how clean the remote areas of the western United States are.  This small river, quite large by most east coast standards, was only about 30 minutes from downtown Boise, Idaho.  It was tucked into a gorge where there was only enough room for the water and road.  Every once in a while, there was a small area that was just large enough for a house also.  The water was so clear that I could see all the way to the bottom everywhere in the river.  I could even see the fish darting around.

Platt Gardens Waterfall

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Today’s Photo: Platt Gardens Waterfall

Last year, I had the good fortune to spend a little time in Boise Idaho.  One of the places I got to visit was Platt Gardens.  The gardens are situated on top of a hill overlooking downtown Boise and just in front of the Boise Depot.  The Koi Ponds and flowing waterfalls made it beautiful.  I can understand why the Depot and Gardens are frequently used for weddings.

Idaho's Liberty Bell

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Today’s Photo:  Idaho’s Liberty Bell

Sitting in front of the Idaho state capitol is a replica of the Liberty Bell.  I stood across the street, in front of the statue of Governor Frank Steunenberg to take this shot.  There is a pathway with several large bushes lining it.  Because the wind was so bad, the bushes just whipped around and made an eerie shadow of the bushes across the front of the capitol.

Standing Guard

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Today’s Photo:  Standing Guard

I ran across this P.F. Chang’s in downtown Boise.  I was near the end of my walk and turned the corner to see this.  With all the red lights, I thought it looked rather cozy or like a call to arms.  I almost stopped for a bite to eat.  I’m glad I did not because I got a few more shots after this.  However, if you ever run across a P.F. Chang’s and have time to stop, the food is amazing.

Fenced In (or out)

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Today’s Photo:  Fence In (or out)

It frustrated me going through college literature and having a professor attribute meaning to poems and stories for people that lived many years ago.  Most of the time I don’t think an artist intends for a piece to have more meaning than what it is on face value.  Being the strong minded young person that I was, and still am, although old now, I decided to argue this several times including using some of my own work at the time (poetry).  It was amusing watching a professor try to determine the underlying meaning when there really was none beyond the pieces face value.

I took this shot of the Boise State Capital while visiting last winter.  I was going to write about what I see here now, but I will leave that up to the viewer to decide.  I would really enjoy your comments on your opinion of this photo.  I am curious to see if it holds the same meaning as what I see.

The Church of Latter-Day Saints (Boise Temple)

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Today’s Photo:  The Church of Latter-Day Saints (Boise Temple)

I grew up in the deep South and there are many churches.  However, there is not a large population of Mormons.  When I visited Boise, this was my first experience with one of the large temples.  The architecture was superb and the grounds well cared for, which is exactly what I would expect from a place of worship.  I just wish there had been better clouds to go with the sunset.

Boise River Diversion Dam

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Today’s Photo:  Boise River Diversion Dam

Looking at photos from the Northwest United States, most of them you see are of green forests, vast rivers and tall mountains.  Rarely do you see the dry, barren high deserts.  That was one of the first things I experienced in Boise.  There are mountains, big …Continue Reading Here…

Wells Fargo Boise

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Today’s Photo:  Wells Fargo Boise

The downfall of traveling light is that you have to decide between extra clothes and camera gear.  I found myself in this situation in Idaho.  I decided to take just the 18 – 105 and make the best that I could.  I really wanted to get in a little …Continue Reading Here…

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