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The Hirshhorn Museum

Today’s Photo:  The Hirshhorn Museum

This was my first visit to the National Mall since I was in eight grade.  Lets just say it was a long time ago.  I am fortunate enough to have family that lives in the D.C. area and they were free to give me a quick tour.  Unfortunately, I was not able …Continue Reading Here…

The Steam Engine

Today’s Photo:  The Steam Engine

There is a room in the bottom of the National Museum of American History that houses some of the largest and heaviest items from American history.  This is the steam engine from the belly of the Oak; a Lighthouse …Continue Reading Here…

The Small Elephant

Today’s Photo:  The Small Elephant

I often wonder what it would have been like to live hundreds if not thousands of years ago.  What would the world have been like with out the convenience we enjoy today.  Instead of deciding what television …Continue Reading Here…

Freer Gallery of Art©2011 Just Shooting Memories (all rights reserved)

Every once in a while I like to go through my archive of photos.  This helps me in two ways.  First, I get to see all the old photos that I took and relive the moments.  I mean, that is what this is all about.  “Capturing Memories for a Lifetime”.  Second, every time I go through …Continue Reading Here…

The Door to the Castle

Today’s Photo:  The Door to the Castle

This is the back door to the Smithsonian administration building.  Also commonly known as the Castle.  I had a fun time taking photos in the flower garden just behind the castle.  If you ever have the chance to make it here, make sure you explore the sides of the garden.  There were lots of cool things to find that were not readily apparent from the central area of the garden.  In fact, you can see one from a previous post, Flower Petals for the Lady. …Continue Reading Here…

As a blogger, I depend on reliable Internet. However, where I live there is only one provider. I have been thinking of satellite Internet, but am worried at the traffic limits. Does anyone have any experience with satellite Internet? Any recommendations?

Today’s Photo: The Smithsonian

This is the front of the Smithsonian administration building. I loved the flowers all around the grounds of the museums on the National Mall. I was rather disappointed when I learned that the flowers are constantly being replaced. Well, not really, I don’t know of any way they could get flowers constantly all year long. Not to mention, it would be impossible to make all the cool designs last longer than a few weeks.

The Castle

What is your favorite place to take photos?  I am still up in the air. I always seem o go for the big landscapes or vast distance photos.  However, I have begun working on some close-ups.  Does anyone have suggestion on a photographic style they would like to see me attempt?  I could then write a post outlining my trials and tribulations.  Click the “leave comments” link at the top of this post.

Today’s Photo:  The Blue Room

This is one of the exhibit halls in the Museum of Asian History in Washington D.C.  I just loved the blue along the ceiling.  I don’t know if this is a skylight or just a back lit light.  But, however it is done, it is cool.  The only things lit well were the actual exhibits, the galleries themselves were very dim.  This was handheld, 3 exposures.  To get the shutter speed where I could hold it, I had to crank up the ISO.

The Blue Room

I have not had the time to slow down and think for myself today.  Let alone think of something fabulous to write.  I don’t know why sometimes, I can’t stop the words and other times, the words wont stop.  Is it like that for anyone else?

Today’s Photo:  Huh?

This was another photo from my sunken gallery expedition.  There were many statues and works of art here that I understood and appreciated, but then there were some that just had me scratching my head and thinking “Huh? What were they thinking.”  But then, I began taking photos of those odd things and started thinking “Then, What am I thinking for taking photos of these.”  The funny thing is, the thoughts still did not stop me from taking the photos.  This piece is actually tucked away in a quiet out of the way place in the gallery.  Like it was hiding there just for me to find.  I think it had something to do with a rabbit, but I don’t remember.


I read a post on Photofocus the other day about becoming a better photographer.  In it, Scott Bourne talks about using writing to become a better photographer by making the photographer focus on telling a story.  That made me think and go back to some of my work from when I first started writing this blog.  What I discovered opened my eyes.  Maybe writing really does work to improve photography.

Today’s Photo:  The Asian Art Hall

Today’s photo comes from the Asian History Museum in Washington D.C.  It amazes me how the architecture is as much a part of the museums as the pieces on display.  I was walking around this museum when I rounded the corner and saw these windows lined up and leading to a large metal bared door on the other end of the hallway.  (I later learned that is where some of the more valuable pieces are as well as the stairway leading to the administrative offices in this building)  I just thought the symmetry was perfect in the architecture.

The Asian Art Hall

Well, this is my 100th post.  I should have something witty to say, but I am at a loss for words.  To be perfectly honest, I was doubtful that I would make it this far.  My goal has been one post a day.  Some days I don’t know if I will be able to keep it up and maintain a full time job.  Anyone else out there in the same boat?  (Made a commitment and trying to stand by it?)

Modern Car

This car was way before it’s time.  The 1948 Tucker Sedan (on display at the National Museum of American History).  Where else could you find a car with a safety chamber in the front passenger floorboard.  I am sure the passenger would have time to see another car, recognize the threat it represented, react to the threat and position themselves into the safety chamber.  But anyway, this was one cool car.  The front middle headlight was attached to the steering so you could see the road better.

Modern Car

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