So, I was standing outside today thinking of light.  I don’t really know why I was doing that except maybe it was just too bright for my sensitive eyes.  Okay, I was thinking of how easy photography was if you just got one concept…Light.  Now, don’t get me wrong, some people have lots of trouble with this light thing.  I did too until I realized how to use that built-in light meter thingy (absolutely a technical term).  Of course I am talking to those SLRers out there.

All a camera is for is the collection of light information.  If you can mentally break the collection of that light down into two parts it becomes very easy.  First, Aperture.  Aperture is like a faucet.  Turn it on (make the hole bigger) and it opens the water flow faster.  This lets more water out.  Same thing applies to the camera.  “Turn the faucet on” and brighten the photo up.

So that’s the first half of capturing light.  Tune in tomorrow for the second half…shutter speed.

Old Gun

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