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Today’s Photo:  The Fast Plane

Today’s photo is another one captured from inside the Air and Space Museum at the Dulles Airport (The Udvar Hazy building).  I am so focused on taking photos when I make a dedicated trip that I tend to miss absorbing what I am actually looking at.  In that process, I also missed the names of most of the airplanes on this trip.  Or then, maybe I was still in awe ate getting to see the Enterprise, the Blackbird and the Enola Gay.  Next time, I make the promise to make a concerted effort to take a pad of paper and write down the description of what I am looking at, but until I am successful, I leave it up to you to help me along.


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2 Responses to The Fast Plane

  1. T.J. Powell says:

    Nice image. Great colors. Did you handhold it or sneak a tripod in?

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