Do you like HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography? I have made a point over the last few months to take all my photos as if I was going to make an HDR out of it. Now, that is with the exception of photos which I know will not make good HDR’s. Then again, some of my single exposures have made astonishing HDR’s. This means that for every photo I take, there are really three images (-2 to +2). Is this normal or am I alone in this thinking? I guess it helps to have a 32GB SD card too.

Today’s Photo: Thanksgiving Sunset

I love how the seasons change the time the sun rises and sets. I currently use LightTrac on the iPhone to get a graphical view of the sunrise and sunset. It is great for getting the right angle at the right time of the year. I have used this to scout locations before going to them for the first time. I also like to find if the sun will be where I want it also.

This photo was taken at Thanksgiving this last year. I am dying in the heat here and can’t wait until it gets cold. I really wish my wife would let us move to Alaska. I could be happy there. Too bad she is allergic to the cold.

Don’t say it…I know…Another Gate.

Thanksgiving Sunset

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Sunset

  1. Simon Morris says:

    Nice shot Daryl – I like the subtle evening tones, great cloud formations too… excellent!

    • Thank you Simon. Lately, the clouds have been wonderful during the day and then completely disappear about an hour before sunset. By the way, I stopped by your site and really enjoyed your work. I wish there were more picturesque landscapes near where I live.

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