Now, I know I am the only one who has this problem, but wanted to express my utter frustration.  Tuesday this week I saw one of the most stunning sunsets I have seen in awhile.  In fact, it was so stunning that I had people calling me asking if I saw it, to which, I answered that I did see it.  And for the frustrating part, I was unable to photograph it.  No, I was not in a bad location for photography, but I was otherwise occupied.

Fast forward to today (Wednesday)…around two hours before sunset, the sky had those nice, I can’t wait to photography clouds in the sky.  Enter the plan for a spontaneous sunset trip.  Just because I knew it was going to be wonderful.  About an hour and a half passed and, of course, the heavier / lower clouds make their entrance.  Beautiful sunset nixed.  I still went to the location I wanted to go to, but the sunset I was wishing for never materialized.

I know no one else has this problem.  But, if I am mistaken and this has happened before, leave a comment with your experience.

Today’s Photo: Sunset Missed

I had a meeting late the other evening and decided to take another route home.  It has been a long time since I had driven that road on any regular basis.  Well, lets just say “years” since I was on it for any length of time.  This road passes by Carters Lake in the North Georgia area.  Carters Lake is the deepest lake in Georgia and the tallest earthen dam east of the Mississippi River.  At the bottom of the dam is another smaller recreation lake.  I was driving the road which has a small bridge when I saw the remnants of what had been a beautiful sunset.  The colors were still great, so I stopped and got a few shots before it went away.

Don’t miss this other photo of The Lake (not this one of course).  And while you are at it, this is last Thursday’s daily photo.

Sunset Missed

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4 Responses to Sunset Missed

  1. Tim Stanley says:

    Very pretty. You’re fortunate to have such nice scenery to drive by daily. My daily commute is concrete and traffic. The city has moved out to us, so my country views are almost gone.

  2. Tim, you know, the funny thing is that I wish sometimes I had an urban type setting to go through. For me, I have to make a dedicated trip to visit Atlanta. But I do have to say, my drive is actually very relaxing.

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  4. […]" rel="nofollow">Winter Wonderland. And while you are looking around, don’t miss last Thursday’s Daily Photo. […]

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