From the monthly archives: "October 2011"

Silent Cannon

Today’s Photo:  Silent Cannon

About a year ago, I decided I was going to start a series of photos called the Silent Guns of the South.  I have always been a fan of history and more specifically, military history.  So, I thought this would be a lot of fun.  I began …Continue Reading Here…

The Fountain

Today’s Photo:  The Fountain

This was another capture from Chattanooga.  There are so many cool things there to see.  I found this one in front of the Double Tree Hotel.  At least I think it was.  Oh well, details.  I thought it was cool, but I left the wide angle lens and did not get the shot I planed for.  However, the green lights across the street lit the fountain just enough to give it that green shimmery feel.

The Hunter

Today’s Photo:  The Hunter

I came across this scene purely by accident.  I knew about the cool lit pedestrian bridge and my intention for was to just take a shot of the bridge.  However, when I got there, they were having this light show on the front of …Continue Reading Here…

Rolling Clouds

I try my best to pick the camera up at least once a day and take just one shot.  However, this has not been a successful week for that.  Not to mention, the typically amazing sunsets which I love to photograph in the fall have been missing lately.

Today’s Photo:  Impressive Clouds

I was driving home the other day from work when I noticed the most amazing blue skies.  Almost that “Simpson” blue sky color.  So, of course I had to stop and get a couple shots of it.  If it was not for being there and seeing it myself, I would not have believed the sky could get this color.

River View of the Hunter

Today’s Photo:  River View of the Hunter

I was taking some magic hour shots of the skyline of Chattanooga when I noticed this cool reflection of the lights from the Hunter Museum in the Tennessee River.  I love reflections and could not pass this one up.  I don’t know if they have it lit …Continue Reading Here…

Flamin Chevy

Today’s Photo:  Flamin’ Chevy

I thought you may be getting tired of photos from Chattanooga, so I decided to change it up a little.  I am giving you today a car in Chattanooga.  Excellent, right?  Oh well.  I was walking down Market Street …Continue Reading Here…

Monopoly Money Bags

Today’s Photo:  Monopoly Money Bags

I grew up in the age of Monopoly.  It was nothing for a family to sit down and play and entire game of monopoly.  Now for those who haven’t played a game of monopoly to the end, it can take forever.  I have spent …Continue Reading Here…

Through the Glasses B&W

Today’s Photo:  Through the Glasses

This was my favorite photo from the Worldwide Photo Walk.  When I started the morning out, I had in my head a list of places to go and photos to take.  Of course, that went out the window as soon as I began walking.  In fact, this photo …Continue Reading Here…

Fall Sunset

Today’s Photo:  Fall Sunset

Finally, my yearly wish has come true.  Fall and colder weather is finally here.  No more, hopefully, hot weather for several months.  This is a shot of the clouds from the front that has brought us this blessedly colder weather.  Of course I had to add the gate to it or it would not have been as good.

Coolidge Park

Today’s Photo:  Coolidge Park

After taking photos of the Chattanooga Skyline at Dusk, I decided to venture around Coolidge Park.  I saw these lights lined up along the walkway at one point and decided to set up for a shot.  I thought the way they …Continue Reading Here..

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