From the monthly archives: "November 2011"

Honest Charley

Today’s Photo:  Honest Charley

Surely by now you know I have a thing for classic cars.  I love to go to car shows and see them all lined up.  It’s like going to Disneyworld.  I can get my senses overloaded in a very short time and I don’t have to go …Continue Reading Here…

The Small Elephant

Today’s Photo:  The Small Elephant

I often wonder what it would have been like to live hundreds if not thousands of years ago.  What would the world have been like with out the convenience we enjoy today.  Instead of deciding what television …Continue Reading Here…

The Corner Post

Today’s Photo:  The Corner Post

There are so many cool things to see while driving around the country side.  It is nearly impossible to make it anywhere in any decent time when there are good clouds in the sky.  Between the gates, barns and …Continue Reading Here…

Windmill Blades
I was trying to find a way to involve my family in my photography and have some fun while we were at it.  Well fun for all of us, not just me.  I have known of geocaching for a while, but have not had success getting them into it.  I think I may have convinced them to try it out.  Any one have any experience or tips to give?

Today’s Photo:  Windmill Blades

I have not had the time to dedicate to taking photos much lately.  However, I was able to find the time to process a few that I had set aside a while back.  This is another photo of the Windmill.  Since this spring, I have been on a mission …Continue Reading Here…

Apollo 16 Heat Shield

Today’s Photo:  The Apollo 16 Heat Shield

There are so many cool things to see at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama.  Not only is it home to Space Camp, there are also lots of cool exhibits to see.  One of those is the Apollo 16 capsule.  It is amazing that …Continue Reading Here…

Thanksgiving Sunset

Today’s Photo:  Thanksgiving Sunset

I ate too much food for thanksgiving, but fortunately that was after I had some time to work of photos.  This is one I took from a couple of day’s ago.  Sunsets are finally getting better more frequently.

Henry House Hill
I think Thanksgiving is a purely American holiday.  If I am mistaken, please correct me.  So, today starts the beginning of the holiday season.  Lots of football (not the soccer type), food and festivities.  So, for anyone celebrating Thanksgiving today…Happy Thanksgiving.  To those not celebrating Thanksgiving…cook a turkey and call it thanksgiving.

Today’s Photo:  Henry House Hill

This is another photo in my “Silent Guns of the South” series.  I have always been a student of history.  There is so …Continue Reading Here…


Today’s Photo:  V8

No, this is no the drink.  However, I think these old cars must have been on something to have been so powerful.  Too bad modern cars don’t have as much character.  I was fortunate enough make it …Continue Reading Here…

The Abandoned Warehouse

Today’s Photo:  The Abandoned Warehouse

I love to shoot abandoned buildings.  I have no fear of the dilapidated state of the construction, just of getting caught.  When I was younger, I probably would have thought nothing of it.  However, I am not so young anymore.  This one, on the …Continue Reading Here…

The Pinnacle

Today’s Photo:  The Pinnacle

I love to take photos of architecture.  I was walking around the Tennessee Aquarium when I ran across this view of the glass roof/room at the top of the building.  The top floor is a completely glass roofed room which resembles …Continue Reading Here…

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