Image Stabilization

I shoot almost all my photos in bracketing mode.  Not always with the intention of making and HDR photo, but just because it is easier than changing settings between each photo.  This comes with the side effect that, I can make and HDR out of something I did not intend in the first place.  A good amount of my shots are taken “off hand”, so I use the Image Stabilization.  I use Photomatix during my HDR workflow and use the align images feature since I shoot off hand.  When I shot using a tripod, I would turn off the align images, but the images would still be blurry as if they were not aligned.  I began investigating and noticed that the first shot in my bracket was off just a little compared to the other two.  I turned off IS and this seems to fix the problem and increase the clarity and sharpness of the photos.

The Plane and Rocket

Today’s Photo:  The Plane and Rocket

Exploring the U.S. Space and Rocket Center was lots of fun.  I enjoyed seeing the progression of the space and rocketry program.  It is amazing to see how something conceived as a dream made it into reality and then the progression of it.  I could not resist this blending of dream and then bigger dreams.

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