The Law of Unintended Surprises

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Today’s Photo: The Law of Unintended Surprises

Have you ever done something with certain results in mind and get something totally unexpected? I call this the law of unintended surprises. It is the opposite of Albert Einsteins definition of Insanity. Well, at least it violates that definition. I guess if there has to be a law for it, it could probably have been accounted for in the first place, but then I would not have the pleasure of these discoveries. So, this has a story to it. Let us begin…

A couple weekends ago, I went camping. It was planned to be a great first time camping trip for the girls. This would be about my millionth time, but the first in the last ten years. The plan was to couple this with a couple trips to some state parks for fall foliage exploration. I planned and prepared and schemed. Then it happened…MURPHY. First, the air mattress had a hole in it. Then, hot dogs. Easy you say. Right until you put the bag of charcoal, that prominently said, “Light the four corners,” not, “Lighter fluid required,” into the grill. An hour later, the charcoal was barely burning. After that, I decided to straighten the glass globe on the lantern. This requires loosening the metal nut on top. Did I mention it was ON when I did that?!? OUCH…

Now you wonder what this has to do with the above photo… The next night, I decided it was clear enough for a time lapse of the stars. You know, since that is one of my favorite things to do. I set the camera up, made sure to put the AA batteries in, so I would not use up the rechargeable batteries, and turned it on. Good thing I checked back, because AA’s don’t last long. I took the leap, and put the rechargeable batteries back in, and let it go again. I reviewed it the next morning and found this photo. At the time, I could not see how good it really turned out, but I could never have planned for the people in the next campsite to turn on the car with their headlights at just the right angle.

Pleasantly Surprised.

Stay tuned for the video…

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