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Sunrise from the Mists

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Today’s Photo:  Sunrise from the Mists

I believe that a person is constantly evolving.  That evolution is built around a foundational core and everything is derived from that foundation.  Over time a person cycles back through those derivations and re-examines them.  The interesting thing is …Continue Reading Here…

Another Water Tower

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Today’s Photo:  Another Water Tower

I found this at the Marble Festival in Jasper Georgia.  I thought it was a good backdrop to a country type craft fair.  I did not think I was going to be able to get a shot of this because they set up the food tents at the base of the tower.  Most of the time, there were large clouds of smoke drifting by the tank.  Fortunately, we were there at the end of the show and they quit cooking.  As a side note, you can usually get a good deal on the left over food at the end of the event.  Funnel cakes are really good.

Reflections of Fall

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Today’s Photo:  Reflections of Fall

The corruption is complete.  I was driving home with my wife and children the other day when she said that I needed to go back and look at a tree by the river.  I pulled over at the next spot and we had a conversation that was …Continue Reading Here…

Fenced In (or out)

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Today’s Photo:  Fence In (or out)

It frustrated me going through college literature and having a professor attribute meaning to poems and stories for people that lived many years ago.  Most of the time I don’t think an artist intends for a piece to have more meaning than what it is on face value.  Being the strong minded young person that I was, and still am, although old now, I decided to argue this several times including using some of my own work at the time (poetry).  It was amusing watching a professor try to determine the underlying meaning when there really was none beyond the pieces face value.

I took this shot of the Boise State Capital while visiting last winter.  I was going to write about what I see here now, but I will leave that up to the viewer to decide.  I would really enjoy your comments on your opinion of this photo.  I am curious to see if it holds the same meaning as what I see.

The Harley

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Today’s Photo:  The Harley

This is another of those random finds I run across from time to time.  I am not the most outgoing person, so would even say shy when it comes to meeting someone new.  However, I have found these random finds to be good for striking up a conversation.  This one I found in the parking lot for the Fall Creek Falls overlook.  It was not a conversation starter, but it would have been if the owner was around.

The Details

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Today’s Photo:  The Details

I love the details that are put into architecture.  When I was in high school, I took drafting and really enjoyed designing buildings.  The overall designs were fun, but it was the details that I think really make a building stand out.  Most architecture has these details, but not many have the wealth of detail that religious buildings do.

The Hollow

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Today’s Photo:  The Hollow

This is another of those gates that I see frequently.  However, I rarely take photos of it.  Mainly because the view hardly changes.  There are no spectacular sunrises or sunsets. Sometimes I catch the morning fog here, but this time, I was able to capture the first good frost of the year.

The Last of the Color

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Today’s Photo:  The Last of the Color

I love passing by this scene nearly every morning.  I have taken a few photos of this scene and find myself coming back to this wide narrow format again and again.  I ran across this again with the last vestiges of the fall colors hanging on the trees and just as the sun was cresting the hill on the other side of the lake.  I stopped for a couple seconds for this shot.  It is perfect for the 12″ x 36″ print.  If you like this, check out the Snowy Morning on the Lake.  After getting this fall shot and the winter shot, I think I will try to get a spring and summer.  I don’t know if it will work or not.  There maybe too much foliage to see.

Snowy Morning On The Lake

The Swing Arm

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Today’s Photo:  The Swing Arm

Many adventures begin with a last view of something.  Sometimes it is a wave at family when leaving for college, a last view of the shore while sailing into the blue ocean or the last feel of solid ground under your feet before …Continue Reading Here…

The Bronco

Today’s Photo:  The Bronco

I really liked this statue which is located just outside the Booth Museum in Cartersville.  I was disappointed when I first ran across it because the sun was high in the sky.  Not the best time for photography.  Instead of the normal color photography, I decided to sport for some black and white.  With the contrast between the light color of the side of the building and the bronze statue, I thought it would turn out good.

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